After the replacement of the motherboard, grub is not visible on startup.
Before replacement, grub boot loader used to show up on startup with Kali Linux, Windows 11 options available.

I can manually boot into Kali Linux using the "Boot From EFI" option after pressing F9 i.e. from visible boot options. But unlike earlier, the grub boot options is not visible on startup.
Also, in BIOS setup i.e. using F10, "OS Boot Loader" option only shows Windows 11 and doesn't show Kali Linux which was present before replacement.

After walking through some similar questions of Grub not working, tried:

  1. bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path /EFI/Boot/kali/grub64x.efi NO LUCK
  2. Booting into kali using Boot From EFI option and copying /EFI/Boot/kali/grub64x.efi to /EFI/Mircrosoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi. The grub boot menu was visible like before but Windows was unavailable after this.

How to make grub menu visible where Kali Linux and Windows 11 are available just like it was before motherboard replacement?
Thank you.

p.s. - Using an HP product. Kali was working fine before and even after replacement. Only that Grub menu is not visible on startup. Can only boot into Kali using "Boot into EFI".


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