I am having trouble understanding this manual about the MediaWiki CMS.

Please note that under POSIX systems (Linux...), parent of a symbolic path refers to the link source, NOT to the target! You should check the env variable MW_INSTALL_PATH in case the extension is not in the default location.

What did the author mean?

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The meaning is that under UNIX systems, if you create a symbolic link like this:

ln -s [source]      [target]
ln -s /tmp/test/foo /tmp/test2/bar

the parent of /tmp/test2/bar, while actually being /tmp/test2, is technichally speaking /tmp/test/.

Disclaimer: Sometimes this behavior can actually affect you, but in 90% of the cases I've dealt with, this should not be of your concern (E.g. if you cd /tmp/test2/bar and then cd .. you will still be in /tmp/test2, not in /tmp/test).

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