I know that "normal" network interfaces (wired, Wi-Fi, etc.) can be edited using the NetworkManager's command nmtui. For example:


NetworkManager terminal user interface nmtui menu

Having said from this menu you can select Activate a connection and see the list of all your connections (including VPNs) and activate/deactiavate them:

enter image description here


The problem is that your VPN connections are not shown under "Edit a connection" so I do not understand how to Edit VPN connections using nmtui. Use case: this could be very useful to delegate this kind of management to administrators on a non-graphical server without "brilliant skills" with the command line. That's why I suggest to use nmcli or editing files manually instead, but maybe I'm over-complicating things.

At the moment I tried this version on CentOS:

NetworkManager --version

And I've also tried this version on Ubuntu focal and Debian GNU/Linux:

NetworkManager --version

And in both versions when I select "Edit a connection" in nmtui I'm not able to see any VPN.


How do you edit VPN connections with nmtui (for example to change the server, port, etc.)?

Is there any missing package or whatever to do it?

It seems to me that you can just Activate or Deactivate a VPN but I may be wrong and maybe nmcli and manual setup are not the only ways.

Thank you for this clarification.

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AFAIK at the moment (2022) all the listed Network Manager VPN plugins does not add any "Edit" capability to the nmtui tool for VPN connections:

That's why you are able to list them but not edit them from nmtui.

If you have lot of time and C skills you may want to add support to it, forking the NetworkManager source code and checking out the nmtui directory:

Or you can just use nmcli instead of nmtui for minor changes, or manual configuration editing for great changes. The documentation on both is great. E.g.

BTW I could still be wrong about nmtui. Maybe there will be more answers about it.

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