I'm on Arch Linux.

I once attempted to install aur/teams-for-linux with yay which installed nodejs-lts-gallium as a dependency. Since some things didn't work out and I found that teams could be used well in Chroimium, I stopped installing or uninstalled (I don't remember which) aur/teams-for-linux and replaced nodejs-lts-gallium with nodejs (sudo pacman -S nodejs). Now, when I run pacman -Qs nodejs, nodejs-lts-gallium isn't listed. However, I'm trying to run sudo pacman -Su but am getting nodejs-lts-gallium and nodejs are in conflict. Remove nodejs? [y/N].

How do I remove the nodejs-lts-gallium artifacts causing the conflict?

  • Have you tried pacman -R nodejs-lts-gallium ?
    – Fang
    Mar 7 at 6:19
  • @Fang Yes, I get error: target not found: nodejs-lts-gallium since it's not installed. Mar 7 at 7:30

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After proceeding with the system upgrade, I found out that it was conflicting because nodejs-lts-gallium was being required by another package (bloodhound) which previously didn't require that version. Seems it wasn't a residual issue from teams-for-linux, just an unfortunate & confusing coincidence.

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