What happened:

  • I launched a game via proton(GTAV, lutris, epic games) and suddenly the screen turned black/switched to standby. My PC didn't react to anything; I had to shut it down by cutting off power.
  • If I login with SDDM the same thing happens after the splash screen animation.
  • I can switch to the tty but it needs almost a minute to "load" it.
  • I have another DE/WM installed, it works flawlessly(same user)
  • If I login to plasma with another user it also works as expected
  • Removing the .config file in the users directory didn't change anything
  • Idk if it is even related but trying to launch plasma_session from a terminal returns org.kde.plasma.session: process job "kcminit_startup" finished with exit code 0
  • Launching plasmashell from terminal in a WM spits out a few warnings but works just fine(plasma panels etc. appear)
  • I couldn't find anything in /var/log and with journalctl
  • KDE Plasma, Xorg, Arch Linux, Zen kernel

What can I do?

Has someone an idea what causes the trouble or how I can find useful (debugging)information/logs?

Thanks in advance :)

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I still don't know what exactly happened but after reinstalling all plasma packages it works just fine again.

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