Do unix domain sockets support reuse?

Lots of conflicting information about this online. I suspect a lot of it is just outdated, but I'm no expert.

Do I ProxySet enablereuse=on if my handler is a socket? e.g.

<Proxy "fcgi://matching-worker-string/" max=10>
    # Unsure about this:
    ProxySet enablereuse=on

<FilesMatch "\.php$">
    <If "-f %{REQUEST_FILENAME}">
        SetHandler proxy:unix:/run/php/php.sock|fcgi://matching-worker-string/

Many comments online state that they're not supported, and state you can even check the Apache docs for proof, but I don't see it. Maybe they didn't have reuse support in 2015-2017, but do now?


Apache 2.4, php-fpm 7.3, mod_proxy_fcgi

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One of your linked answers directly quotes the apache documentation for mod_proxy_fcgi. According to the answer it states:

UDS does not currently support connection reuse

But this phrase no-longer exists in the documentation.

It was there when the answer was written on 26 jan 2017. The first snapshot on waybackmachine where it was removed is 10 Aug 2017.

I haven't managed to find reference to this being "fixed" in the commit history. The statement was removed from the documentation in SVN commit 1802336 AKA git commit 2a3f6ec2 simply with the comment:

UDS does support reuse



mod_proxy_fcgi does support connection reuse for unix domain sockets. ...Not withstanding any unreported bugs.


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