I am able to login on a tty, but not on GNOME. I can confirm that the root directory has a .XAuthority file.

This image shows GNOME login screen after a loginctl unlock-sessions:

gnome login buggy screen

journalctl gives me: gdm-pam unable to locate daemon control file. gdm-password opens session and unlocks keyring but it closes. It could be the gdmdisplay session never registered.


Is there any logs I can take a look at?

How can I solve it? Will it be necessary to reinstall GNOME or even Linux?

Not sure how to connect to Wi-Fi from the terminal for the GNOME reinstall.

I got to this stage by locking the account and then booting with rescue disk, chrooting, changing password and having a .autorelabel made to restore SELinux context and permissions, and booting.

On fedora 5.15.11.

  • Have a look into journalctl -r Commented Mar 10, 2022 at 4:54
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It did not work…

On file /etc/gdm/custom.conf

Uncommented #WaylandEnable=false


 systemctl restart gdm

This will use Xorg backend. Wayland by default and Xorg only if Wayland backend cannot be started.

Good simple log of problems on

 systemctl status gdm 

But this initial change did not work…


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