With this command

find . -name '*.zip' -exec unzip '{}' ';'

we find all zip files under . (directory), then unzip them into the current working directory, However, the structure is gone.


Current command result:

desired  result  

Asked here, but the code doesn't work out What should dirname and basename be in this command?


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You can use find with the -execdir argument instead of -exec.

-execdir will run the command in the directory it has found the files in, instead of your current working directory


find . -name '*.zip' -execdir unzip {} \;

While this is not exactly what you've asked for, you could add a few steps to get to the desired result:

mkdir new
cp -a backUP/* new/
#run unzip operation
cd new
find . -name '*.zip' -execdir unzip {} \;
#remove all .zip files
find . -name '*.zip' -exec rm {} \;

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