In reference to How do you convert or translate these zplug codes whose uncommon option into zinit language?, I am migrating from zplug/zinit to znap in which I am interested.

I was reading the znap documentation, but I observed that zinit and znap are totally different.

I observed the option pick that does not exist on znap:

zinit light "mafredri/zsh-async" pick "async.zsh"

I wonder if I would write like:

znap source mafredri/zsh-async
znap eval zsh-async 'curl -fsSL https://github.com/mafredri/zsh-async/async.zsh'

Also observe zplug language, using defer:

zplug "zdharma/fast-syntax-highlighting", defer:2

I also need to defer one of plugins before another plugin, but I have no idea of how it is like in znap. I am thinking of sourcing the first before the second, but not sure if it is correct.

It would be interesting to want to use the conditions checking the commands but also I need to check the OS type, for example:

zinit wait lucid for \
      OMZ::plugins/common-aliases \
      OMZ::plugins/copydir \
      OMZ::plugins/cp \
      OMZ::plugins/encode64 \
      OMZ::plugins/extract \
      OMZ::plugins/git \
      if"[[ $+commands[go] ]]" OMZ::plugins/golang \
      if"[[ $+commands[npm] ]]" OMZ::plugins/npm \
      if"[[ $+commands[sudo] ]]" OMZ::plugins/sudo \
      if"[[ $+commands[systemd] ]]" OMZ::plugins/systemd \
      OMZ::plugins/urltools \
      pick "zshrc" tcnksm/docker-alias

And can I switch from ~/.local/share/znap to ~/.config/zsh?

  • There's no point to individual tags for all these plugin managers. The only questions in any of them so far have been by you, and even there were like 4 all together in two years.
    – muru
    Feb 19 at 3:54

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This should do the trick:

znap prompt  # This is how you "defer".

() {
  local -a plugins=( 
      common-aliases copydir cp encode64 extract urltools
  znap source ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh plugins/$^plugins

znap source tcnksm/docker-alias zshrc  # This is how you "pick".

znap source mafredri/zsh-async
znap source zdharma-continuum/fast-syntax-highlighting

By the way, I would recommend not using mafredri/zsh-async. Zsh has built-in features for doing async. You don't need a plugin for that.

  • Thank you, I'll remove the unnecessary plugin. And about the plugins junegunn/fzf (failed), peco/peco (failed)? About wfxr/forgit (failed), Aloxaf/fzf-tab (failed), larkery/zsh-histdb, plugins/dircycle, plugins/z, supercrabtree/k and tarrasch/zsh-bd? I want just to know if they are unnecessary for znap. Feb 21 at 1:24
  • What do you mean with "(failed)"? Feb 21 at 7:21
  • Znap doesn't make any plugins unnecessary. I don't really understand your question. :) Feb 21 at 7:22
  • If you find that there are plugins that Znap cannot load, then please start a discussion on the Znap repo. Feb 21 at 7:22

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