I'm using pbuilder to build my binary package for Debian.

pbuilder creates a chroot environment, installs all the packages declared as required for the build, and then builds the binary .deb packages inside this chroot.

I already have my .spec file. I can build it. However, I have several versions of my project to build, and each have different requirements for some packages they depend on. Therefore I have to install/uninstall these dependent packages depending on which version of my project I want to build (error prone). I also cannot build in parallel if requirements are different and are supposed to be installed on the main filesystem.

I'm looking for the same kind of tool as pbuilder to build my binary .rpm packages.

  • I've found an antique mach tool which looks abandoned.
  • I've found rinse but it only does the bootstrap part.
  • Also yum-builddep installs on the whole system, not a chroot.

Anyone knows a tool like pbuilder that resolves the dependencies and then builds an RPM inside a chroot?

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Yes, you’re looking for mock, which takes care of setting up build chroots, installing build dependencies and building RPMs for different environments.


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