I created a .deb package with fpm. The package is very simple as it simply runs a docker-compose over this docker-compose.yml file.

The package is composed of 3 files:

├── diagnosticator
├── diagnosticator.1
└── docker-compose.yml

The permissions on diagnosticator are as follows:

-rw-rw-r-- 1 enrico enrico 554 feb 12 21:23 diagnosticator

Here is my diagnosticator script, that simply needs to run the docker-compose.yml:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# == diagnosticator 0.1.0 ==


if [ -s $DOCKER_COMPOSE_FILE ]; then
  docker-compose pull && docker-compose up
  echo ' !!! ERROR !!!'
  echo ' ---> missing docker-compose.yml <--- '

exit 0

and here the fpm command used to build it:

fpm \
  -s dir -t deb \
  --deb-use-file-permissions \
  -p diagnosticator-0.1.0-1-any.deb \
  --name diagnosticator \
  --license agpl3 \
  --version 0.1.0 \
  --architecture all \
  --depends bash \
  --description "Diagnosticator local app" \
  --url "https://diagnosticator.com" \
  --maintainer "Enrico Cocchi" \
  diagnosticator=/usr/bin/diagnosticator diagnosticator.1=/usr/share/man/man1/diagnosticator.1 docker-compose.yml=/usr/lib/diagnosticator/docker-compose.yml

When I sudo dpkg -i diagnosticator-0.1.0-1-any.deb everything works fine and files get placed where they should, but if I try to run it (with and without sudo):

$ diagnosticator
bash: /usr/bin/diagnosticator: Permission denied

$ sudo diagnosticator
sudo: diagnosticator: command not found

I'd like users to be able to run it without sudo. I tried to google and search here for any solutions but I could not find any. Does anybody know what am I doing wrong here?


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Your diagnosticator script needs to be executable: run

chmod 755 diagnosticator

and build your package again.

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