I have a centos 8 OS. There is some process wth -bash command with high cpu usage that has fully usage 4 cores of 8 cores. When I kill these processes or restart the server the command automatically run and make cpu usage high. How can I detect what problem is?

monitoring cpu usage with htop

Thanks in Advance!

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    That is almost certainly a malware process falsely claiming to be Bash, probably crypto mining. I can see you rebooted about 90 minutes ago. If this was on my laptop, I would shut down immediately, and reboot from my Live DVD to investigate. Commented Feb 9, 2022 at 9:18

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This is a malware process falsely claiming to be Bash. I find a ‍‍test directory in /tmp that has a bash script to running unknown scripts. I remove this script and the process don't run again. I don't know how this malware access the server. I will reinstall OS.

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