I'm trying to create an interactive bash script where I can collect user input variables to be used as arguments in another command. Can someone provide me an example of this?

Currently i want to do:

  1. what type of content you want to delete?
  2. what is the status?

then feed it into a mysql delete query command.

  • Are you referring to the command line arguments or input from the user when the script is running?
    – Didi Kohen
    Mar 23 '13 at 18:01

You can use read or select:

read -p prompt answer; echo "$answer"
read -p 'Continue (y/n)? ' -n1 answer; echo; [[ $answer = [yY] ]] || return

PS3='What is the capital of Sweden (1-3)? '; select answer in Gothenburg Stockholm Uppsala; do [[ $answer = Stockholm ]] && { echo Correct; break; } || echo Try again; done


With the command 'read' you can collect information from input and store it in a variable/file that you can subsequently pass through to your other script.

With the -s option it even masks the user input while typing: great for inputting for example passwords.


For such a job, perhaps a fuller language like Python is a better match. You can call programs from it, or do your dubious deeds directly.

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