I have an LFS system (11.0) with openssl. Whenever I use wget, I get an error that the certificate is not trusted. Where do I get and put trusted certificates?

  • Not enough info. Check whether certs are in /etc/ssl/certs. Extract the root cert or the self-signed for the remote system and install it into /usr/share/pki/trust/anchors or where ever your system stores user root certs and run update-ca-certificates, or your o/s's equivelent. Alternatively, run wget --no-check-certificate to just ignore the requirement.
    – Bib
    Feb 2, 2022 at 19:08

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This is described in the LFS book

  • Put your certificate into /etc/ssl/local/your_cert.pem. Note: The extension must be *.pem.
  • Run make-ca -g --force

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