I have built an LFS 11.0 system and installed wget from the BLFS book. I also have openssl and gnutls installed, but whenever do wget for a site with ssl, it says it can't verify the cert. It does work if I add the --no-check-certificate option, though. I also have installed lynx with ssl support and it says This client does not support https urls. I think it is missing SSL root CA certs, but I do not know where to get then, or where to put them when I get them.

EDIT: Internet connectivity does work, and I can ping sites and wget/lynx with http:// urls.

  • it says it can't verify the cert doesn't really provide much information. To get help it's best to include actual command and responses/output. Feb 2, 2022 at 3:12

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Update: I solved it, I had not correctly installed the certificates from the BLFS book.

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