To port Bismon to GTK4, I need examples of working GTK4 source handling multi-font text, keypresses, etc.

This is for Linux/x96-64 only

And Bismon is GPLv3+ licensed (some kind of static source code analyzer)

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There is a Gedit alternative called Gnome-text-editor that is actively being developed (in C) that uses gtk4 / sourceview 5, that may be of interest to you, right here:


This is the author's blog / announcement, but if you search around you might also find some other useful resources/information;


it should have examples of some functionality that you seek. However, I don't think it covers multi-font text (yet), or at least it didn't last year... But it's possible that has changed, as I haven't built/tested the app recently.

hope that helps.

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