I have a VM managed by Proxmox that's running Ubuntu 20.04 (desktop) and is also running docker (with portainer). I can't get any dns resolution i.e. if I do ping google.com it says Temporary failure in name resolution (if I ping it's fine). However, if I do it in another VM that has identical OS and Proxmox settings, it pings fine.

In both VMs the /etc/resolv.conf file is identical; it just has the two lines (as well as a huge comment saying not to edit this file because it's managed dynamically):

options edns0 trust-ad

The Proxmox node itself has two DNS IPs set; and Seems absurd that installing docker on one VM should nuke the DNS...

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So apparently, in /etc/systemd/resolv.conf I had uncommented the line that had DNSStubListener=no. Re-commenting that line fixes all my DNS issues. No idea why honestly, but at least it works. I wouldn't mind knowing why this works...

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