when i run gcc -c *.c, it runs:-

gcc -c file1.c -o file1.o
gcc -c file2.c -o file2.o
gcc -c file3.c -o file3.o

but as *.s runs:-

as file1.s -o a.out
as file2.s -o a.out
as file3.s -o a.out

by default, gcc replaces the only the file extension while compiling into an object file but gnu as sets the default file output as a.out. how to make gnu as to replace .s into .o while assembling?

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I don’t think you can get as to do that on its own, but you can use gcc to drive as:

gcc -c *.s

This will produce file1.o, file2.o etc.

If you need to provide as-specific options, you can add them with -Xassembler, e.g.

gcc -c -Xassembler -mindex-reg *.s

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