I'm a novice in installing & debugging OS errors. I had Windows 7 installed & it crashed today (the great blue screen). No matter what I did (tried to install Windows 7 again & again from DVD), I kept getting the blue screen with different types of errors like:

  • bad pool header,
  • registry error,
  • page table trying to access non-page table error, etc.

I had to use my system so I installed Ubuntu. It removed Windows 7 from C: drive & I could access my D: & E: drives, so took the backup. Then tried to install Windows 7 again, but I got blue screen. So, I installed Ubuntu again & removed everything, so it took all my 320 GB HDD space.

Then I tried to create partitions using gparted (with the intent that I would be able to install Windows 7 in one of those) & made some free space, then created the 3 partitions. Don't know what I did, but it made Ubuntu crash when I restarted it. Got unknown filesystem, grub rescue error. No idea what to do, so formatted the whole drive again, now running Ubuntu.

Ran gparted again & now my info is like this:

Partition: /dev/sda1, File system: ext4, Mount Point: /, Size: 292.17GiB, Used: 8.23GiB, Unused: 283.95Gib, Flags: boot.

I tried to create a partition again, but it won't allow me to resize. I guess because it is the only drive & Ubuntu is mounted on it, not sure. Using Windows DVD to install eventually results in blue screen.

So, I basically want to run Windows again & have absolutely no idea what to do. Please give me some step by step instructions as I have no experience with this & not sure how to proceed.

  • Are you running gparted on the same filesystem that you're using to run Ubuntu? It sure sounds like it... – Chris Down Mar 21 '13 at 11:18
  • @ChrisDown Yes. I read in some forum that I need to boot via CD & then I could create partitions. I have been able to achieve that but when I try to run my win7 DVD, it gives me the blue screen (most often the error is bad pool header) after I click on Install Now. Please help. – MdT Mar 21 '13 at 11:32
  • @MdT, please tell us how did you resolve the situation :) – Vorac Apr 10 '13 at 5:54

In your place, I would:

  1. Create a Ubuntu live USB (or CD/DVD). Lots of ways to do that, but it's easyest under Ubuntu.
  2. Do a BIOS "Restore to factory setting"
  3. Boot from the Ubuntu liveCD and, using gparted, partition the whole HDD to one large NTFS partition. Note that this way you will avoid the windows' 100MB "System Reserved" partition. Shut down.
  4. Try to install Windows off a known to work CD/USB.

If you have problems with Windows, try another CD/USB, or another Windows version (if possible; e.g. Windows 7). If you have problems with Ubuntu, use Ubuntu 10.04 LiveCD - IMO this is quite stable on a large range of hardware.

If all fails, gather more concrete data and update your question or ask another.

If it works, I recommend you to take a deep breath and consider creating a dual-boot system (while you have not yet configured your Windows).

  • gparted is not installed by default under some(all) Ubuntu distributions. This can be handled by using a liveUSB flash drive with the option for persistent data when created. Then boot from it and sudo apt-get install gparted. Alternatively, there is fdisk – Vorac Apr 15 '13 at 18:17

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