If group and user's settings are

  • group name: group1
  • gid: 2000
  • user name: user1
  • uid: 2000

Some directory's permission is

  • Directory: /application
  • Owner: user1
  • Group: group1

When change the gid and uid to 2001, is there any permission issue for the directory?

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Filesystem stores the UID and GID of the owner, not the name, so if you change your UID to 2001 you will no longer be owner of that directory, owner will still be the (now non-existing) user with UID 2000.

  • So if I change the directory's permission again(with user and group names after their ids have been changed), is it good while the directory is under using by system process?
    – Miantian
    Jan 17, 2022 at 6:33

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