**** This is for learning purpose. I just like to deep dive into sockets, tcp, packets, etc.

For doing tests and learning, I began to "play" with socat

CONTEXT (tests) :

1- Bind a port to a shell script

socat -u tcp-l:7777,fork system:/path/to/test.sh

2- test from an other terminal

echo "message 1" | netcat 192.168.0.x 7777

THIS simple test works, the .sh gets triggered

QUESTION : to learn further, how would I receive a file and save it ?

  • with netcat just use nc -parametershere > file.ending
    – djdomi
    Dec 26, 2021 at 13:09

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socat -u TCP-L:7777,fork OPEN:/tmp/test.out,creat,append

If the shell script /path/to/test.sh contains something like

cat >/path/to/target.dat

(i.e. read from stdin, write to a file) then you can "transfer" a file by means of

cat /path/to/source.dat | netcat 192.168.0.x 7777

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