Following this guide for Fedora 35: https://gist.github.com/raelgc/6031274

sudo yum install postfix

does not produce the following menu:

General type of mail configuration: 

No configuration
Internet Site
Internet with smarthost
Satellite system
Local only

With Ubuntu I'd use dpkg-reconfigure postfix but there is no such mechanic in Fedora.

How do I get to this menu?

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Fedora doesn't have this feature: it's a special script written by Debian developers. You can probably copy and run it but it may not work because different distros may use/have quite different configuration files and store them at different locations.

  • That makes sense. I will switch to Ubuntu server so that I can continue the tutorial, thank you.
    – user508196
    Commented Dec 31, 2021 at 14:03

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