To improve compile times, the Arch wiki states,

Users with multi-core/multi-processor systems can specify the number of jobs to run simultaneously. This can be accomplished with the use of nproc to determine the number of available processors, e.g. MAKEFLAGS="-j$(nproc)".

If I set this in Fish shell via set -Ux MAKEFLAGS "-J$(nproc)", then I receive the error:

fish: $(...) is not supported. In fish, please use '(nproc)'.
set -Ux MAKEFLAGS "-J$(nproc)"

I can set this variable in two ways without receiving an error:

  1. set -Ux MAKEFLAGS "-J(nproc)"

  2. set -Ux MAKEFLAGS '-J$(nproc)'

Which of these is the correct method? Or are they both okay?


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Neither. In fish, command substitution cannot be quoted.

set arg "-J(nproc)"
set -S arg
$arg: set in global scope, unexported, with 1 elements
$arg[1]: |-J(nproc)|


set -Ux MAKEFLAGS "-J"(nproc)

As of fish 3.4.0, command substitutions can be quoted using the "$()" syntax, so the original command works now.

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