I looked into my hosts file just now and saw this : get.code-industry.net

I don't remember putting that in and I don't like the look of it at all.

Any idea what it's about and how it got there?

UPDATE: I've learned that the entry will disable requests going to that domain name so it seems to be harmless unless I want to go there. Even so. I don't remember entering it. Either my memory(human) is faulty or some process has gained root access to my /etc/hosts file. Perhaps an install process? Even so it seems a rather odd thing for an installation process to do.


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For me it's due to installing Master PDF Editor Free edition v4 from AUR on ArchLinux.

This host mapping is made in the masterpdfeditor-free.install file.

post_install() {
  echo ' get.code-industry.net' >> /etc/hosts
post_remove() {
  sed -i '/get\.code-industry\.net/d' /etc/hosts

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