I'm running debian squeeze with Xfce 4.6. Today I logged onto my machine and all Qt-based apps have really tiny font sizes. I took a screenshot with Kile, skype 2.6, Kate and gedit for comparison: screenshot

The version of my KDE platform is something about 4.3. Any ideas how to reset to normal sizes? Thank you very much!

Edit: KDE system settings:

KDE system settings

Some ways to set it via terminal?

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Open KDE System Settings and then go to the Application Appearance / Fonts tab. Make sure that Force fonts DPI is unchecked or set it to a reasonable value.

You can also edit ~/.kde/share/config/kcmfonts and set forceFontDPI=0. This is better done while not logged in KDE as the target user.

  • Thank you! But is there some way to set it via terminal? As KDE system settings also runs in Qt.. =( Mar 18, 2013 at 11:21

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