No this is not a poll. I guess you have to admit that gimp is the picture editing tool for linux. Well i am lookin for the video editing tool for linux. Is there one?

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If you're looking for opensource professional level software unfortunately currently there is nothing like that.

We're all waiting for lightworks gnu/linux port. It'll be opensource. They announced about public beta 3 months ago, but still nothing was published. Hope it'll be available soon.

However, there are some a little bit amateur level software:

  • kdenlive
  • pitivi
  • openshot
  • kino

and others. Anyway it's much better to look the full list at wikipedia page and just google about some interesting positions.


Take a look at LWM, it has discussed several packages for video editing in the "Grumpy Editor" series (and elsewwhere) over time. Sadly, it is as rush says, they are all far from easy to use.


As of 2020, looks like Cinelerra GG is what you're looking for.

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