I want to intentionally install the old vulnerable version of the liblog4j2-java package in order to test the CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability. I'm using an Ubuntu machine.

I know I can list old package versions with apt-cache madison liblog4j2-java, but are these still vulnerable?

How can I download the old, but official packages?

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The fixed packages are shipped in the updates and/or security repositories; the old, vulnerable packages are still available in the base repository. You can therefore install the latter by specifying the desired version:

  • in 18.04, sudo apt install liblog4j2-java=2.10.0-2;
  • in 20.04, sudo apt install liblog4j2-java=2.11.2-1;
  • in 21.04 and 21.10, sudo apt install liblog4j2-java=2.13.3-1.

The versions are shown by apt-cache madison.

Further reading: How to install specific Ubuntu packages, with exact version? and USN-5192-1: Apache Log4j 2 vulnerability.

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