I like the navigation and features of ncdu, but instead of ranking folders by size, I want to rank them by file-count. For example, folders containing more files are listed first, and you can navigate the hierarchy using your arrow keys.

Are there any options to accomplish this? If not, I wonder how difficult it would be to modify the source code to provide the feature I'm wanting. Perhaps there is something else that does this already?

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If you press C (capital “C”, so ShiftC or C with Caps Lock on) while in ncdu, the display will be sorted by file count rather than size. c (lower-case “c”) will show the file count in addition to the size (regardless of the sort criterion).

This shows the file count sort in action:

Firectories and files sorted by count, not size

This feature was added in ncdu 1.10 (May 2013).

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    This feature is also available in gdu using the same key commands. Apr 20 at 11:41

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