I pressed Fn+F5 on my Samsung 9 laptop, which disables the touchpad. It worked, but now I can't re-enable it. Clicking (and even click-through tapping) work, but the pointer doesn't move. If I cat /dev/input/mice, it shows output when I use the touchpad. Restarting the laptop doesn't help, and the touchpad is listed as enabled in the various graphical utilities I tried, including xinput. What else can I try? I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 if it matters.


I tried swapping my external mouse (/dev/input/mouse0) and my touchpad (/dev/input/mouse1) by renaming their /dev entries, and then rebooting fixed it somehow. I was thinking that renaming devices forced linux to "rescan" (recreate) the /dev files, but then I thought that the /dev filesystem is mounted every reboot and recreated by the kernel, so I don't really understand why that worked.

  • fwiw, nothing actually listens to the /dev/input/mouse* event nodes. everything uses /dev/input/event* now – whot Jan 18 '17 at 21:10

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