We have our postfix configured to handle mail for our websites. For every website we have configured a bounce handling user with

local_recipient_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/recipient_maps

The file recipient_maps looks like:

[email protected]          site1_bounce/
[email protected]          site2_bounce/

We're using lmtp for postfix to communicate with dovecot with local delivery:

local_transport = lmtp:unix:private/lmtp-dovecot

When one of our websites sends mail it uses the postfix VERP feature by using the senmail command options

/usr/sbin/sendmail -XV -t -i

All of this works nicely, and we're getting bounces in different IMAP folders.

By checking the reputation of our mail server I stumbled over one RBL that black lists our mail server, http://v4bl.org. If I understand the informations correctly the reason for this is because we fail 1 test that can be checked out here


If I choose "test by sending an email" I'm getting 1 error, namely, the test program tries to send an email to our envelope RCPT TO address, that is e.g.

[email protected]

which obviously fails because we don't have a local mail account for every generated VERP address.

One real world case would be that a recipient mail server accepts a mail from our postfix and sends a bounce mail later to the RCPT TO address.

So how do we map those VERP addresses back to our bounce handling mail accounts? We tried our luck with

alias_maps = regexp:/etc/postfix/verp_alias_maps

with verp_alias_maps being:

/^site1_bounce\[email protected]/       site1_bounce
/^site2_bounce\[email protected]/       site2_bounce

but it appears as postfix ignores our ailas_maps file.

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Use postfix config parameter "recipient_delimiter". Set it to "+".

recipient_delimiter = +

https://stackoverflow.com/a/5404399 - Allowing emails with a plus (+) symbol to land in the same Zimbra mailbox



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