I just freshly installed Arch on an ROG Asus laptop and successfully got everything setup. I was able to connect to the internet even after rebooting out of the live environment. I installed a few packages(git, vim etc, etc). I then went to install xfce and found that I was no longer connected to the WiFi(this laptop does not have an Ethernet port). I am not completely unable to connect to the internet as everything results in a Name or Service unknown error. I have restarted dhcpcd, resolvd and reboot several times to no effect. The interface still shows up in ip link and lspci -k as well as in iwctl. I am at a loss of what else to do and any help would be appreciated.


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Have you enabled & started NetworkManager?

sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager.service
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service

I'm thinking that XFCE may have some conflicting network drivers/packages, it maybe worth it to try and uninstall iwd and use whatever GUI networking package XFCE installs.

I remember I had a similar issue between iwd and networkmanager when installing cinnamon.

  • Yup, this seemes to have fixed it. Nov 29, 2021 at 0:55

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