I want to install a distro on my external drive but do not want to add any bootloader to my internal drive. Is it possible to install it in such a way that when I plug in said external drive, it will show up in my bootmenu as a bootlable drive just like a usb bootable installation media thing? Please help with a beginner friendly solution. (I've installed a few distros (debian, arch) and spent some time with the command line as well) (The distro I want to install right now is archlabs.)

  • Yes, it's possible and AFAIK only Ubuntu's installer in UEFI mode doesn't respect the users selection for the (EFI) bootloader installation and always installs in the first drive's ESP. Nov 25 at 17:06
  • @ChanganAuto can you elaborate on how to do this? Because when I tried to install zorins bootloader on the external drive, it was not bootable. Nov 26 at 3:03
  • Zorin is based on Ubuntu so probably has the same issue. One easy way to workaround the problem is to disconnect or temporarily disable the internal drives. Nov 26 at 9:39

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