I'm making a script which uses xfconf-query to change various system settings on mass, however I'm unsure how to set my Preferred Applications in the same manner.

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I looked into the mimeapps.list file which gets generated in .config/ in the Home directory when you set your Preferred Applications via the GUI. File seems to generate a [Added Associations] section.

I created a new user account and placed my own mimeapps.list file in the .config directory in the hopes it might work, but no luck, unfortunately.

Would anyone know how I can set my Preferred Applications using a terminal command or method similar to xfconf-query?

Thank you in advance.


Haven't tried anything with it, but the xdg-mime tool looks promising. According to its man file, it includes a default command that can be used to "Ask the desktop environment to make application the default application for opening files of type mimetype."

  • Thank you for letting me know about the xdg-mime tool. I shall have a look and see if it works for my needs.
    – Hymcode
    2 days ago

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