Currently I am using a Debian 11 system. Something seems to be completely off with music players. I first tried cmus to no avail (cmus would give errors on startup and not show any mp3 files) I then tried mocp. Using mocp I can see the files but upon trying to play said files it will say "playing" for a fraction of a second and stop with no errors. I can play said files with ffplay just fine, but the original goal was to have a decent looking terminal-based mp3 player to play my songs.

I have tried using mocp -D and I will give the logs that stand out here:

Nov 24 23:47:18.447269: interface.c:674 ev_file_tags(): Received tags for /home/me/music/song.mp3
Nov 24 23:47:18.447918: interface.c:692 ev_file_tags(): Tags apply to the currently played file.
Nov 24 23:47:18.448008: interface.c:3482 dequeue_events(): done
Nov 24 23:47:18.460880: interface.c:1115 server_event(): EVENT: 0x0f

but this doesn't really tell me anything. If it's of use, I have installed cmus both via building from github and from the Debian repository and mocp from the Debian repository.

  • I use mpg123, it works great. Commented Nov 29, 2021 at 4:50
  • What were the errors that cmus gave? Where they related to the mocp errors? Please edit and update your question with the errors - they may be of use. Commented Nov 29, 2021 at 12:08

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A very, very, very long time ago (Debian 5 IIRC), I used mp3blaster and I was very happy with it.

It seems it is still available at Debian 11, so give it a try (I am not sure if it will work with pulseaudio if you use it)

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