I use incremental backup using

tar --create --file=/home/blueray/Documents/backup/dest/$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S).tar --listed-incremental=/home/blueray/Documents/backup/dest/usr.snar /home/blueray/Documents/backup/src

But the problem is,

  1. it create too many .tar files as i backup multiple times a day. For example 2021-11-23-23-34-38.tar, 2021-11-23-23-34-43.tar . I am not understanding whether to merge or delete older tar files.

  2. How will I extract the tar files with minimum effort (expected a single command).

  3. Find a specific file to extract.

What can be the solution for this problem.

Is it even worth investing time in tar , given my requirements?

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  1. It is normal to have a multiple backup version, if you delete the old tar file you can not extract/restore from it anymore.

  2. in order to extract you can issue the below command:

    tar --extract --verbose --verbose --listed-incremental=/dev/null --file=2021-11-23-23-34-38.tar

    I suppose here you want to restore from the file " 2021-11-23-23-34-38.tar "

  3. Regarding your 3rd point in order to find a specific file to extract you can list

    tar --list --verbose --verbose --listed-incremental=/home/blueray/Documents/backup/dest/usr.snar --file=2021-11-23-23-34-38.tar
  • In case of 2. will it extract just 2021-11-23-23-34-38.tar or all the files related to usr.snar? Nov 24, 2021 at 14:04
  • it will restor what was in 2021-11-23-23-34-38.tar only , that is why you have many multiple version from this incremental backup. Nov 26, 2021 at 14:07

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