I have a function. How can I add to it an auto-completion with an available font name?

So if I type something like doSomethingWithFont Ubun<tab> it'll be completed to doSomethingWithFont Ubuntu\ Mono for example.

doSomethingWithFont () {
    echo $1

_completeWithFontName () {
    # ????

complete -F _completeWithFontName doSomethingWithFont
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    This sounds like two separate questions: (a) How to get a list of the available fonts and (b) how to create tab completion for that. Nov 20 at 12:19

You might want to use the fc_list command to list available fonts, in the format you want them to be entered.

This is how that fits into your sample code:

    _completeWithFontName() { < <(fc-list -f "%{family}\n" | grep "^$2" | sort -u) mapfile -t COMPREPLY; }
    complete -F _completeWithFontName doSomethingWithFont

Note that you should not pipe into the mapfile command: piping puts the destination command into a subshell, and you would loose the new contents of the COMPREPLY array immediately, on exit of that subshell. Redirecting < from a process substitution <(...) works better.

The -f parameter to fc-list sets the format, the simple grep command selects those font names that match the first characters entered on the command line, and the sort is for convenience. I also add a -u (unique) parameter to the sort because in this example I list only the families; each variant would appear as a duplicate, so we should sort them out.

  • Thank you. The problem only with spaces in font names. For example I have fonts with names : Samyak Devanagari, Samyak Gujarati, Samyak Malayalam, Samyak Tamil. The tab-completion will stop after the first space.
    – tehkonst
    Nov 21 at 9:19
  • That is an issue with all completions. You could, like you would do to match e.g. filenames with spaces in them, enter quoted prefixes, e.g. "Ubu<tab>; the complete functionality will handle that just fine, and even add a closing quote as soon as you <tab> when your prefix has gotten unique. Without quoting, you can escape spaces: Ubuntu\ Co<tab> will complete to Ubuntu\ Condensed.
    – db-inf
    Nov 21 at 9:30
  • File names don't have this issue, autocompletion escapes symbols automaticaly. I didn't think about starting argument with doublequote for proper completion, it's interesting.
    – tehkonst
    Nov 21 at 9:37
  • I assumed to much. It turns out that to escape spaces with a backslash and have Ubuntu\ Co<tab> complete to Ubuntu\ Condensed, you would have to make your function handle the backslash as an escape; the complete functionality passes it to your function in $2 as a plain backslash character followed by a space or whatever you entered. That means roughly remove unquoted backslashes, except for the 2nd of `\\` (if that ever happens in a fontname), and on output again replace spaces with escaped spaces.
    – db-inf
    Nov 21 at 9:42
  • @tehkonst About spaces and filename completion: that may depend on the files present. Try for instance touch "a file" "afile" "a document" and then try to complete ls a<tab> and ls a <tab> (a space after the 'a'). Interesting things happen, that clearly have been programmed to make them happen like that for a reason. Now it's up to you to do the same for your font completion.
    – db-inf
    Nov 21 at 9:50

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