I'm running an Arch and I've had a hard time for some months trying to figure out how to run my Optimus Laptop completely on Nvidia dedicated GPU. How do I do this? I've heard there are multiple options out there but I don't know how to pull it off! So how do I get to enjoy my powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Mobile on Linux?

Any ideas or setups that might help me to run any GPU-related task on my Nvidia GPU?

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I had this problem for some time till I discovered a utility to do it all. You can use the ArchWiki to see how an Optimus Laptop works. And then you have multiple options, but I suggest running the optimus-manager if you are using external screens as well, and you want to use the intel graphics while on battery power.

This is the output that optimus-manager --statusshould give if you're running completely on the NVIDIA card:

optimus-manager --status
Optimus Manager (Client) version 1.4

Current GPU mode : nvidia
GPU mode requested for next login : no change
GPU at startup : nvidia
Temporary config path: no

Carefully follow the Installation Wiki for your Arch Linux Desktop Environment and be sure to check the FAQ before you make the switch and could end up in the tty not knowing what to do.

Update: this setup will work on both X11 and Wayland (using KDE Plasma now).


Note: This is an alternative solution to the above: It's a good solution if you have an Optimus laptop and you're not using any external monitors, but you want to use nvidia all the time.

For a long time now I have used optimus-manager to run my graphics through the Nvidia GPU, but because it's dynamic it has proven to have issues here and there sometimes. When I needed to just get things done with my machine, I ran into a black screen, or something wasn't working and I had to go and troubleshoot the issues.

Therefore for anyone that wants a stable & static solution that will work 99% of the time this is it: Use NVIDIA graphics only .

Follow the steps in there and you're good to go all the time, hopefully.

Note: Compared to the above this method will not allow you to switch to the integrated GPU, but will always run your graphics through the nvidia GPU.

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