I need to remove all the files from specific folder that is copied to remote machine using following command:

tar -c test_sandy | ssh sky@my_home_vm 'tar -xf - -C /scratch/backup'

I see all the files from test_sandy has been copied to remote machine, now I wanted to remove these files after say one minute:

ssh my_home_vm find $backup_path/test_sandy/* -type d -mmin +1 -exec rm -rf {} \;

But I don't see those file getting deleted, but if, I run the delete it directly from remote machine (instead doing "ssh my_home_vm") it worked.

  • $backup_path is being evaluated on the local system, not on the remote server. Does using find /scratch/backup/test_sandy/ (no * is necessary) change the process?
    – doneal24
    Nov 16, 2021 at 20:55

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It looks to me like you have forgot to put braces for command after ssh:

ssh my_home_vm 'find $backup_path/test_sandy/* -type d -mmin +1 -exec rm -rf {} \;'

And also $backup_path env variable may not be set when trying to run cmd from ssh, so you can try using the full path. Hope this helps.

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