I've been trying to open a LUKS container via SSH using dropbear and initramfs/initrd image. My setup works well. I mean, I log via SSH to the target machine, then I see the prompt saying Please unlock disk rpi_crypt: , and then I enter the right password and the LUKS container is being opened and the system boots. But when I typed the password via SSH, after a few secs I got the following error:

$ ssh
Please unlock disk rpi_crypt:

Error: Timeout reached while waiting for PID 212.
Connection to closed.

So where does this error come from and how to fix it?

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I just had this issue. I was able to successfully SSH in after the initramfs ssh connection closed.

  • The drive most likely did successfully decrypt and mount.
  • Try to ssh in normally (using os credentials)

I do not know the root cause for the message.

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