I have colored-completion-prefix set on in my ~/.inputrc file, but when I tab complete, the prefix part which has already been typed is a colour that I do not like.

In the bash manual it says:

"colored-completion-prefix (Off) If set to On, when listing completions, readline displays the common prefix of the set of possible completions using a different color. The color definitions are taken from the value of the LS_COLORS environment variable."

It is currently brown and underlined due to my config, which doesn't look very good. Which entry in LS_COLORS does it use?

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$LS_COLORS is usually defined in ~/.bashrc using the dircolors command and a dir_colors file.

I could not find any information on what entry is used by the colored-completion-prefix readline setting but by through the process of elimination I found that it uses SOCK.

I changed mine from:

SOCK 04;33


SOCK 01;38;5;64

...in my dir_colors file.

This will obviously also change the appearance of sockets when using the ls command.

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