I'm new to working with Linux, before that I had onу Linux Mint.

I installed Debian 11 from a bootable USB stick. I tried to install from the netinst version of iso, but I could not connect to the hidden network, so I installed the main system without a graphical shell.

After that, I decided to install from the image of the base system (4.7GB) with the GNOME shell. The installer required an ap for the network card, I added this file to iso and booted the system without access to the Internet.

I expected to be able to connect to the hidden network without problems, but in the system settings under Wi-Fi there was an inscription "Missing firmware".

  • My network card is Realtek.
  • And USB Wi-Fi Modem.

I downloaded a lot of non-free deb packages to a USB flash drive - realtek-firmware, Linux-firmware-non-free, but nothing changed.

I noticed that when the system starts, when the components are loaded, the last gray inscription says the absence of rt28070.bin. I found it and uploaded it to the /etc/firmware folder.

After that, the inscription "Missing firmware" disappeared. But no network was detected, it also did not work to connect directly.

Please tell me how to fix this error?

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The solution was found. I needed to delete rt2870.bin, and put the package firmware-misc-nonfree!

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