After installing Fedora on my laptop, i am stuck in the Grub screen.

Here are my disk partitions

Disk partitions

I tried this

grub> set root=(hd0,2)
grub> linux /vmlinuz-5.11.12-300.fc34x86
grub> initrd /initramfs-5.11.12-300.fc34.x86_65
grub> boot

And got this error Error after trying commands

Am I using the wrong commands? Could somebody tell me which commands I need to write.

Thanks for helping out!

  • Good news, you made it far beyond grub. But: I assume you end up on the grub command line at all, because none of the set up boot menu entries work. is that correct? Commented Oct 31, 2021 at 16:52
  • @MarcusMüller correct
    – Benni
    Commented Oct 31, 2021 at 16:55

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As far as I can see you have three partitions:

  • gpt1 - EFI System
  • gpt2 - /boot
  • gpt3 - /home and /root

I don't think you've actually installed Fedora 'cause its files are nowhere to be seen. Alternatively you could have had a catastrophic FS corruption in which case I'd first run badblocks on this disk, check its smartctl -a status and then proceed to reinstall.

  • I reinstalled Fedora and its working. Thanks
    – Benni
    Commented Oct 31, 2021 at 18:16

In this case, we are looking for the /, aka the "root" of the filesystem. As opposed to /root/ which is the "home directory" for id 0 which is usually directly under /, but may not be in your case.

You seem to believe the root filesystem is on (hd0,2), did you mean to type root=(hd0,gpt2) ?

The root filesystem has /bin /sbin /usr /etc /var so continue listing the files under each of those of those partitions until you find one with /bin and the like. eg:

ls (hd0,gpt3)/root/
ls (hd0,gpt2)/extlinux/
ls (hd0,gpt1)/System/

Consider the possibility of a failed filesystem or a failed drive. Run a fsck on the ones you can see.

Was / encrypted before?

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