I would like to delete some spaces across a block of text. I am able to insert spaces or characters, but seem unable to delete.

Steps that I try:

  1. Control + V to enter block mode
  2. Press up or down key to select the lines I want to edit
  3. Press Shift + i (I) to enter capital insert mode
  4. Make the changes I want to the top line of the block
  5. Press escape

I made a screen cast of me first succeeding in inserting a space across the block then failing to delete a space across the block. MP4 file (If there's a more appropriate place to upload this to please let me know).

How can I delete some spaces across a block in a oner? Everything under steps, I want to delete two spaces. How can I do that?

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: send data to postgres
         - name: checkout current repo
           uses: actions/checkout@v2 # Defaults to current repo - check out current repo
         - name: Retreive data from ssql job 
           uses: actions/download-artifact@v2
             name: marketing-data
             path: ga-files
         - name: Check csv file is there and export matrix game for Rscript
           run: |
              ls -l  
              ls -l ga-files

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If you have this in your .vimrc:

set nostartofline " keep cursor on the same column even when no chars are there

Then you could highlight the column (with ctrl + v) just before the hyphens and hit x to delete them.

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