I am a new Linux user (windows before), and I downloaded Arch Linux last night.

The installation was fairly straightforward, but after I rebooted I no longer had connection to WiFi. Thankfully I had downloaded networkmanager, however I still can't seem to connect to the internet.

For one when I use the command

nmcli dev wifi list

nothing happens. I added a connection directly to my IP address which worked, however it didn't become an active connection. I know if I reinstall arch I can get a different network manager, but I would rather not.

How can I connect to my network?

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nmcli radio wifi

If the output shows that the Wi-Fi is disabled, you can enable it with the following command:

nmcli radio wifi on
nmcli dev wifi list

To list the available Wi-Fi Access Point

With Wi-Fi enabled and your SSID identified, you're now ready to connect. You can establish a connection with the following command:

sudo nmcli dev wifi connect network-ssid-name

Replace network-ssid-name with the name of your network. If you have WEP or WPA security on your WI-Fi, you can specify the network password in the command as well.

sudo nmcli dev wifi connect network-ssid password "network-password"

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