I have custom shortcuts for opening the terminal, opening my browser, home folder etc. But at times, these shortcuts clash with default, unchangeable shortcuts of other applications I use. I was wondering if there is a setting using which the application shortcut takes precedence over the shortcut specified in Gnome when that combination is pressed while said application is in use.

For example, I use Ctrl + t for opening my terminal, but this is the same shortcut used for opening a new tab in Firefox. I would like to know if there is setting which can be tweaked so as to open a new tab by pressing Ctrl + twhen I have Firefox open but open a terminal window otherwise.

Note: Gnome shell version is 40.5

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I am not aware of any way to do this in Gnome, but you can override keybindings per application with either https://github.com/mooz/xkeysnail or https://github.com/joshgoebel/keyszer (both X11 only)

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