I have a lot of files in several subfolders that include a string type="abc_ - I'm not too sure how many variants of abc_ there is - so I want to know how many occurrences of the unknown type="abc_ are in within my files.

I'd hope to get something that is like line containing

"type="abc_0815 found 50 times
"type="abc_0816 found 32 times

and so on.

If I do like that:

grep -rni 'type="abc_' * | wc

I already know its 14905 occurrences with type="abc_.

Can somebody help me on that?

  • True that - sorry. I have a lot of files cotainting that string. Those files a located in a lot of subfolders.
    – user498432
    Oct 25, 2021 at 12:00

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This uses find to get a file listing passes it to cat and parses the output with awk:

find . -type f |
xargs -I xx cat "xx" | awk '/type="abc_/{
    if($i~/type="abc_/){ d[$i]++ } } } 
  END{ for(i in d){ print i"\tfound",d[i],"times." } }'

type="abc_4  found 1 times.
type="abc_3  found 2 times.
type="abc_6  found 1 times.
type="abc_2  found 2 times.
type="abc_10 found 3 times.
type="abc_5  found 1 times.

It uses find instead of a simple cat * to be more flexible what to search for.

xargs .. cat | .. can be shortened with find . -type f -exec cat {} + | awk ..

  • Thanks Sir! This exactly does the trick! <3 Thank you so much!
    – user498432
    Oct 25, 2021 at 12:30

just add -c flag to have grep count it for you.

In case there is too many 0 results, filter out with awk

  grep -rnic 'type="abc_' * | awk -F: '$NF>0' 
  • Thats cool - it shows me how many findings there were in those files. Is it possible to get also the exact finding? like found 'type="abc_0815" 2 times and so on?
    – user498432
    Oct 25, 2021 at 12:02

Try similar this:

grep -rni 'type="abc_' * |sed -n "s/.*\(abc_[0-9]*\).*/\1/p"|uniq -c| sed  "s/\(.*\)\(abc.*\)/\2 found \1 times/"

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