I am developing a linux kernel and I am trying to to debug it in QEMU. I want to be able to run it in QEMU but it stops because I do not have a virtual hard drive to boot it(using the -hda command). I read in another question that a virtual hard drive could be created with qemu-img but I could not download it by doing sudo apt-get install qemu-img or sudo apt-get qemu-img I also read that qemu-img could be accessed from qemu-utils but i was unable to download that also. How can I download qemu-img on my ubuntu laptop?


Installing qemu, qemu-system and qemu-kvm should be all you need. Just make sure you have the universe repository enabled.

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I have the same question, but I'm using Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.

It worked doing

apt-get install qemu-utils 
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