I don't have access to the ESXi server. I don't have root access to any machine. Just a regular user. The current machine runs on VM and has Linux as its OS. Is there a way how to know the ESXi version?

I have tried the below. Is there any alternate faster way?

  1. Find the hypervisor used
    systemd-detect-virt vmware
  2. Since it is vmware, get more info on the vmware version
    vmware-checkvm -h
    VM's hw version is 4 VMware software version 6 (good)
  3. Get the version info on vmware-toolbox-cmd
    vmware-toolbox-cmd -v (build-15389592)
  4. Find the ESX version based on the mapping at the website 11269 esx/6.7p02 16075168 11.0.5 15389592 11269 esx/7.0 15843807 11.0.5 15389592

Since in Step 2 indicated version 6, and there are two entries for 15389592, I conclude that the ESX version will be ESX/6.7p02

What is the alternate faster way - without relying on https://packages.vmware.com/tools/versions ?

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Please try the following command

vmware-toolbox-cmd stat raw text session | grep version

I found it in the comments section of another site.

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