This: Save all the terminal output to a file

Except after the fact. Meaning that instead of preparing to record or pipe all output to a file, I am dealing with output that has already taken place, and that I omitted to record to a file. Rather than to spend minutes scrolling up 7000 lines of output, copying and pasting that to a document, I have to think there is an easier way to get the current output.

Considering that this may depend upon the terminal emulator, I am using Konsole and zsh in this case.

How can I save the terminal output to a file after the fact?

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With konsole, File->Save output as works as does CTRL-SHIFT-S, but you will only save what is in the buffer.

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    +1. tmux can also do this, in any terminal emulator. see Write all tmux scrollback to a file. note, though, that if you're running tmux on a remote host (e.g. via ssh) then the buffer will be saved on the remote host, not on the local machine you're running your terminal emulator on.
    – cas
    Oct 16, 2021 at 14:03

I use script for this matter. It's easy, simple, and out of the box.

  • First invoke script in your terminal:
# script output.txt
Script started, file is output.txt
  • Start running your commands normally.

  • Once you decided to get your commands and all the outputs, run exit:

# exit
Script done, file is output.txt
  • All your outputs will be in output.txt.

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