I use to have a directory, lets call it F, in my home directory, so I normally did cd /home/me/F. (or variants)

My home directory is encrypted with luks using systemd-homed. Since F grew too much, I move it to a secondary drive which is mounted in /mnt/F. However, I would like to bind mount it in my home so I can still do cd /home/me/F. A symlink is not enough, since cmake complains it can't follow symlinks, so it must be a bind mount.

Since my home directory doesn't really exist until is mounted by systemd-homed, how could I do the bind mount of F?

  • suggestion: you could take a look at pam_mount. As systemd-homed too appears to rely on PAM, you'd have to be careful with interactions and ordering between both. Breaking PAM might prevent any kind of login to the system.
    – A.B
    Oct 16, 2021 at 10:51


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